Turnover Cleans

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Cleaning Checklist

    • Change all used bedding and professionally remake beds. Fresh gloves used while handling clean linen and towels
    • Wash all used bedding and towels according to health department code either on site or hauled excess off site to be washed 
    • Check interior of fridge, cabinets, drawers and empty of all food left behind
    • Clean and sanitize high touched surfaces, door handles, arm chairs, light switches, remotes controls, buttons, electronics lock panels, etc using non-toxic, environmentally friendly products & hospital-grade, EPA-approved disinfectants
    • Wash and put away dishes
    • Vacuum carpets and mop hard floors
    • Thoroughly clean bathtubs, showers, and toilets
    • Remove hair, empty trash and provide fresh liner
    • Check exterior of home for debris that needs to be picked up
    • Document any damage or excessive dirtiness to send to owners

Attention to Detail

Our core belief is that the devil is in the details. From leaving every surface sparkling to thoroughly removing hair and other easy to overlook nuisances, we create the perfect guest experience at every step.

A detail-oriented cleaning is more than just cleanliness; it’s about creating an inviting, flawless space that guests will love and remember.

Often times, it’s these seemingly minor touches, that often garner positive reviews, encourage repeat bookings, and ultimately, elevate a host’s reputation within the short-term rental community.


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cleaning inspection report

Post Clean Inspection Report

Pristine Rental inspects before, during, and after each cleaning session. Following cleanings, a detailed inspection report is completed which is then reviewed by our operations team.

This report includes significant observations such as burnt-out light bulbs, plumbing clogs, leaks, low batteries in electronics or needed tightening of any loose screws, among others. We can provide those light maintenance rental requests if approved.

Should any issues be identified, we will promptly send you this report for your records. This proactive approach ensures you’re always informed about your property’s state, allowing for timely maintenance and upkeep.

Reliability & Flexibility

Hosts can trust that cleaning schedules are adhered to without fail, ensuring that properties are always prepared for incoming guests.

As part of our reliable services, we also provide hosts with regular updates, feedback after each cleaning, and prompt responses to any questions or concerns.

Depending on the needs of the hosts, we provide a variety of cleaning packages or allow them to customize services to suit their needs, such as deep cleaning, linen service, and restocking supplies.

Turnover cleans